my fingers claw your skin, try to tear my way in
Miroslava. Student. Meow. In love with Krystal Jung. Currently inspired by Iggy Azalea and Lana Del Rey. To see my face and food follow me on istagram @daylighofyunori ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ Feel free to message me~~

my face babe bgf kfashion


when u find someone else into the same really disgusting things as you



Jae eating a spicy dish aka dying(✿◠‿◠) 



I can’t stop making these.



All the times the 183 cm (6’0”)  titan Makoto Tachibana hid behind his 175 cm (5’9”) boyfriend Haruka Nanase

hello kitty tights from tedisu
use the code "pink fish" for a discount~ o 3 o

우리 티파니 생일 

당신을위한 최고의 소원


Don’t quit. We all promised, didn’t we?

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